Sunday School Classes
We have a variety of adult Sunday School classes where you can grow your faith and your relationship with God. Most of our classes are now meeting virtually and you are welcome to join us online! Interested in a class? Just contact the person listed for each class. 
 Do you have further questions about a class? Contact Sherri Smith at 


Ages 30+
Room 124/125
Contact Russell Biciste at
Ages 30-40
Room 151
Contact  Jason Simmons


Ages 45+
Room 134
Contact Sherry Sellers at


Ages 45+
Room 111
Contact Jay Reeves at


Ages 50+
Room 127
Contact Paula Crosby at


Ages 50+
Room 120
Contact Cheryl Bell at

Wesley Fellowship

Ages 55+
Room M1 - Rehearsal Hall
Contact Norman Patty at

Virginia Tucker

Ages 65+
Room 151
Contact Rhonda Carter at


Singles - Ages 40+
Room 113
Contact Donna Long at

Sisters In Christ

Women of all ages.
Room 126
Contact Nancy Graben at

Young Adult class

Young adults ages 21-30's. 
Room 200
Contact Allison & Roger Schonemann at

We have Sunday School classes for our children and youth during this hour as